Friday, November 25, 2011

Winter 2011-12 Forecast now online

Here is my Official Winter 2011-12 Forecast.  My forecast takes advantage of one of the not so well-known weather relationships. My suspicion is that we are in for an eventful winter and big east coast storms. On the flip side: Such a forecast is really risky for me b/c I am setting expectations pretty high for big events this winter.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Economic Truth of Alternative Energy

Green power is a desirable goal. It would improve the lives of everyone. To benefit everyone, energy (defined as the capacity to do work) must be so inexpensive that it is available to all. Today's policies will not achieve that goal. In fact, the opposite is occuring: Green power is so expensive that only those who have some wealth can afford it with the involuntary transfer of wealth from who have less for the purpose of breaking even.  The problem is that all of the billions of dollars that have been scammed from companies and citizens in taxes, fees, and regulations have NOT advanced the battery and power distribution hardly at all. Meanwhile the POOR are getting their backs broken through fuel poverty and related cost inflation of necessities. The Middle Class is getting squeezed. When will we all accept the fact that all that money is not ACCOMPLISHING hardly anything but making it harder for ordinary people to LIVE? Perhaps, all that money and political power is not being used to improve our situation

Electric Cars would be enormously popular if the average car owner could afford them. Lower maintenance, snappier performance, and less noise and definitely little or no smell.  What is holding back advancement in battery technology that would yield range improvement, charging efficiency, and a value that makes such a vehicle superior over the best internal combustion models available today.  A vehicle which is affordable for nearly everyone would lead to dramatic drop in emissions and improvement in lifestyle for all.

Solar Power is simply not affordable The model of having taxpayers who do not own solar panels subsidize over 50% of the cost of the system over its 25% lifetime for those who do (people who are more rich) is not sustainable. Therefore, the whole economic model is a redistribution of wealth from the poor to those who are more rich.

When diagnosing any problem it is best to start by stepping back and looking at the economic framework. I do not know how to be any more clear that those who are promoting a Global Warming agenda and associated economic policies are expanding the ranks of the poor, squeezing the middle class, and transferring wealth to the upper and political elites. Furthermore, there is little to no technological progress that will pave the way for abundant clean energy for all. This is why I promote cooperation between those who want to honestly pursue the truth while working together to develop solutions that benefit everyone. Right now, there is no econo-political structure that would support such a scenario.