Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quick Lunchbreak 5 Mar 2015

  1. Unbelievable temperature differential!  AT 1 PM it is 39 near RDU Airport and 81 NW of Wilmington, NC.   Down East ... It is 81 in New Bern and 45-50 across the Pamilico River.    
  2. As stated yesterday, cold is King,  we are already observing some ice mixed with rain near RDU Airport.   Growing concerned that Winter Precip may take over between  3-4 PM instead of later.
  3. Arctic Blast tonight and tomorrow yields to moderate but gray dismal weather next week.
  4. Want more Winter?  We are not done yet but finally starting to see its ammo run low.
  5. Celebrate Spring Now!  - Why wait until March 21st.   You can be officially in Spring RIGHT NOW :>)   All you have to do is repeat after me:  "I <Your Name> am a Weather Enthusiast".     "Weather Spring" started March 1st....

That's all for today....   BYE


Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Quick Lunchbreak 4 Mar 2015

  1. Next 10 days is looking SAD as in Seasonal Affective Disorder.  We are not going to see the sun very much :>(
  2. Freezing Rain/Sleet tomorrow night?  Normally, I would downplay the possibility ...but...   it is a bad idea to bet against a winner...    The Cold has been winning lately....
  3. Yes ... we will make it to the mid-70's today ... then catch the flu tomorrow when record lows are reached that are 50+ degrees colder.

That ends this SAD Lunchbreak ..... BYE.....