Sunday, July 1, 2012

Heavy Thunderstorms may be taking aim at Raleigh-Durham Overnight.

My last check of Radar before heading to bed is a cause for concern.  A fast moving line of heavy to severe thunderstorms is crossing the mountains and seems to be taking aim at the Triangle.  So far the organized system is maintaining its shape and intensity and could be a problem several hours from now if it continues to encounter a favorable environment.

A cause for concern is the vast area of temps in the Low 80's North and West of RDU that would raise the likelihood that the system will hold together through the night.   Oddly enough, areas south and east of the Triangle feature a broad swath of upper 60's to low 70's .  Here in Garner we seem to be in a buffer zone between the warm and cool areas as it is a nice 75 degrees outside.

Dean Grubbs
The Dean Report

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