Monday, November 19, 2012

A Case for a Cold Stormy Winter

A combination of a Negative NAO and Negative AO in October has a strong correlation to Eastern US cold and/or snow.  Those who want to roll the dice on a cold, stormy winter can look to 2002-03, 2009-10 during this decade.   I do have to mention that the indices were strongly positive in October preceding legendary winters like 1977-78.  It is interesting that snowy winters like 1981-82, 1968-69, and 1960-61.  I discounted 1974 because it was a blazing La Nina year.  2006 is an oddity because it was a promising El NIno Winter which the phenomena simply shut down.

So, we have an argument for cold, stormy winter.   The fact that the legendary winters were excluded might be an indicator of the correlation working in 
+AMO (Warm North Atlantic) situation but not so much when it is negative.  There is no such thing as a perfect linear correlation in weather.

Data Source: NOAA Earth Science Laboratory

This composite Temperature anomaly from the NOAA Earth Science Laboratory covers the bonafide El Nino Winters featuring a -NAO/-AO below -1.00 in October (I excluded 2006).  The pattern of cold is what I believe will resemble the upcoming winter.

This is a composite of Sea Level Pressure anomaly.  Take note of the lowest pressure being at the 50N/50W position that argues for my idea that the upcoming season can be dubbed the Winter of the Nor'easters.  50/50 Lows favor snow/ice in NC and VA.  This data is also from the NOAA Earth Science Research Laboratory.

This plot is not dissimilar to the PNA
      That's all for now.  Later this week it will be time to discuss a potentially really cold start to December.

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