Sunday, January 9, 2011

Winter Storm heading East, A Summer Hint?

It appears that much of NC faces a combination of snow and ice.  Local Meteorologist and Weather Examiner, Allan Huffman, forecasts 1-4" of snow followed by .25-.33" of ice.  Therefore we can expect hazardous driving and some down trees and power line.

Keep in mind that the storm is expected to be weakening as it approaches.  In fact Central VA does not appear to be in line for very much snow or ice, less than 4" which is Winter Storm Criteria.  The below Water Vapor image from the University of Wisconsin SSEC shows that the incoming system is very mature with an attachment to the subtropical jet, a dry slot, and a trailing upper level low.

Feeling Cold?  Let's Talk Summer!

As one who is stressed by weather extremes I am not pleased at all to see a similar temperature arrangement as the one which preceded last summer. A cool swath carved by the winter subtropical jet and  heat buildup in equatorial regions.  Keep in mind that 4-5 degrees C above average in that location is a monstrous amount of heat content (kinetic energy) compared to the much colder North Atlantic where the same anomaly is relatively tiny amount.

Therefore, is the Atlantic telling us that we are going to burn again this summer?  I hope not!  Here is the current Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly chart from the Plymouth State Weather Center.

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