Monday, May 28, 2012

TD Beryl deluging heavy rain on drought stricken areas of the SE

Take notice of the well defined circulation over FL.  TD Beryl is a terrific example of how a hybrid storm that is powered by tropical and baroclinic forces can work mischief over land long after coming ashore. The spiral bands are clearly seen on the below National Weather Service Radar.

Over the next three days the depression will turn NE and dump copious amounts of rain over eastern GA, SC, and NC.  Here in the Raleigh-Durham area we can expect continued bouts of thunderstorms featuring heavy downpours. In this water vapor image the vigorous thunderstorm development in NC is an example of tropical heat and moisture colliding with a baroclinic force, a natural trough east of the mountains which is a frequent summer feature.

Source: Univ of Wisc SSEC

Also in the weather pipeline is an Arctic air mass that will bring a significant shot of cool air to much of the central and eastern US.  I think the computer projections of highs near 80 and lows near 60 are generous.  More on that soon.

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