Thursday, October 28, 2010

Typhoon trough will mean business next week

Typhoon Chaba turned NE earlier today and is expected to continue in that direction past Japan.  Therefore we set the clock 6-10 days and can expect a trough that will mean business in terms of cold with staying power.  I expect that unprotected summer vegetables will also meet their demise bu next weekend.
Typhoon Chaba signals coming of
Full Latitude trough to eastern US.
Source: Joint Typhoon Warning Center

Do the computer models agree?  The US Global Forecast System predicts a strong Nor'easter moving up the coast next Thursday.

     The ECMWF's storm system is much faster, exiting it on Wednesday evening and is not as strong.  I like its prediction of a full latitude trough much better than the GFS.
     The 2 models agree on a storm system and a trough.  We have less than a week to figure out which will be the big weather story...  It could be a double whammy!

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