Monday, November 1, 2010

End of week cold to finish off summer growing season

Gardeners really faced an uphill battle this summer against extreme heat and episodes of heavy rain amidst long dry spells.  Fall offered an opportunity for some to get late season tomatoes and others to harvest piles of hot peppers.  Unfortunately incoming polar air will spread a frost/freeze from north central SC through VA and eliminate unprotected plants.

Those of us who garden all 12 months each year will still be blessed with salad greens, kale, spinach, swiss chard, beets, and other cool season veggies for an extended period of time.  Our crops are doing extremely well.  A new bed was installed yesterday and garlic cloves were planted.

Rain will accompany a coastal low preceding the coming of the cold.  Such as a setup would be great in winter.  In the longer range, watch Nov 9-11 as severe weather works its way east of the Mississippi.  I do not know yet how NC and VA will be affected.
Cold air moves in as a Coastal Low departs.

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