Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Big Weather Weekend for Eastern US

Even though Meteorological Spring runs March-May the season arrived yesterday for everyone else.  Here in Central NC and VA the sun was out, temperatures warm, daffodils blooming beautifully, and the TEMPTATION to get summer garden plants in the ground.

Two weeks ago a high pressure ridge setup in east central Asia which displaced Siberian air into North America.  Fortunately a stubborn heat ridge over Florida will blunt the worst of the cold here in the Southeast but areas north of Fredricksburg, VA are about to get buried in an early spring snowstorm.

Big storm complex is nosing SE.
Source: Univ of Wisconsin SSEC

The first storm will dump snow in the Northeast tomorrow.  The training front is windy and fairly dry but should be watched for severe thunderstorm development as it approaches NC and VA.

This weekend features the MAIN Event as Cold high pressure feeds another storm system and forces it to take a southern route.  How far south will dictate whether the snow line can reach Fredricksburg, VA and even press a bit south.  NC and the southeast will face a threat of severe thunderstorms.

GFS and other models depict deepening storm pushing east,

Following the passage of the storm I am very concerned about a frost threat, even a freeze.  My recommendation is to delay planting of summer vegetables until at least April 10.  The weather pattern is shifting to a warm west and cool stormy east.  It is best to allow the cool period to resolve itself then look at mid April to set possible planting dates.

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