Sunday, March 6, 2011

East Asia Ridge portends late March Cold

A special thanks to Joe Bastardi  for directing my attention to recent developments in East Asia.  There is a relationship which he taught me years ago called "Cahir's Ridge", high pressure east of the Caspian Sea which pushes Siberian cold over the North Pole into North America.

Admittedly I had gotten a little weather complacent because of our new involvement with the American-Belorussian Relief Organization.  We are blessed to report that $950 has been donated toward the travel and other expenses to a little girl from the Chernobyl affected region to come to our home for 6 weeks of clean food and air, sanctuary from low level contamination, and medical assistance. 

The timing of the high pressure east of the Caspian is a relationship which would deliver the cold air to the eastern US between March 18-22.  Later this week a low pressure system is expected to replace that high, indicating that the cold surge will be short-lived.

Absolutely resist any temptation to plant your summer vegetables until after mid-April at least (Central NC and VA).  There may be a need to protect freeze sensitive lettuce and other spring cool season crops during the incoming cold snap.

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