Monday, June 25, 2012

Debby and companion frontal system in process of playing out split scenario

Florida is literally drowning in heavy rain from the frontal structure attached to TS Debby.  Fortunately that feature is in process of splitting away from Debby as it moves into the Atlantic.  This water vapor image from the University of Wisconsin SSEC shows the bulk of the water vapor aligned with the frontal structure and losing connectivity to the low-level "Debby" storm center:

Debby's fate remains unclear.  Normally storms in the NE Gulf tend not to intensify rapidly.  Even though the water is warm it does not run deep, therefore the heat content needed to power a tropical storm is limited,   My opinion is that she drifts north into the FL Panhandle due to being drawn in by strong convection there (falling pressure).

Our next big story here in NC and VA will be the big heat coming this weekend.... 
Dean Grubbs
The Dean Report

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