Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Rainy, Stormy Weather to continue, glorious weekend is on the way

The Atlantic and Pacific tropics have joined forces to flood the east with humid unstable air leading to heavy rain.  This pattern appears set to continue for the next 36 hours before giving way to a glorious sunny weekend featuring highs in the low 80's, bright sun, and comfortable humidity levels.  Take note of the storm over LA and AR moving east that is dumping torrents of rain amid heavy thunderstorms.  Here is this morning's water vapor image from Univ of Wisconsin SSEC:

National Weather Service Radar shows the storm system moving east. I expect its flooding to be a newsmaker. It is well organized and the further saturation of the southeast that will come from this system stacks the odds even further AGAINST any sustained heat this summer.  A moist ground fails to heat as fast as dry and cools the air temperature by evaporative cooling and convective rain and thunderstorms.  The question for us in NC and VA is what role if any will the system play when it interacts with the cold front that advances into our region on Wednesday?

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