Thursday, August 2, 2012

Changes afoot but Summer heat to linger a little longer

If I could take my size 12 foot and kick the weather pattern, it would be done.  The fact is that the Pacific is not just in cold mode, its really cold!  Since weather patterns generally move west to east in our hemisphere it means that drier air than normal ends up in ridges of high pressure overland that outperform and clog up the weather pattern.

There is a proverbial foot kicking the weather machine. Even though cooler air from Canada is not going to reach us this week the march toward a weak El Nino or at least a whole lot less La Nina is clawing its way forward.

The big tipoff that getting cooler will wait until mid-month is the westward tracking of tropical storms in the West Pacific.  This is an indicator of high pressure dominating their eastern seaboard.  Therefore the ups and downs of the jet stream lead to a ridge that heats our region.

Here is the track of Tropical Depression #12 in the West Pacific and its forecast indicates that cooler air is not coming until at least late next week - mid-month.

Source: Joint Typhoon Warning Center
It is a disappointment not to get cooler air by the 4th.  I should have known that the "Super Glue" (TM) that has stuck this weather pattern would not be so easily dislodged.  Do not lose hope! Out in the equatorial Pacific the little island of Tahiti has gotten some rainy days (lower pressure) and Darwin, AU basked in bright sun.  This reversal of fortunes is felt in our region around the 15-16th (like last year).

So, delayed but not denied. Fall, like last year is still coming early.  Our only consolation this summer was the fact that a "sort of " trough was over the region much of the season promoting thunderstorm activity but failing to get temperatures to the normal realm.  Winter has some questions but generally appears colder than average and a sharp departure from the alleged Winter of 2011-12.

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