Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Massive Hurricane Issac strengthens as he closes in on landfall

It is still important not to focus on the wind speed as much as the pressure and the size of the system. Hurricane Issac's central pressure is 970 mb, a strong Category 2.  Storm surge near and east of the landfall will very likely be well above what one would expect off a Cat 1. Take a look at the massive sphere of influence that Issac has in the below water vapor image.  Take notice of the tremendous inflow from the deep tropics and the buildup of heat and moisture at the SE US Coast which is far away from the storm center.

Anytime a storm has this influence, it means business!
Image Source:  Univ of Wisconsin SSEC
Issac still has about 12 hours over water.  I would not be surprised to see Category 2 wind speed at landfall and a Category 3 pressure.  We really need to hope and pray for a landfall point less unfavorable to New Orleans.  No one is interested in seeing the city fill with water again.

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