Monday, August 27, 2012

If the NHC will not promote Issac to Hurricane, I will!

Even though the NHC calls Issac a 70 mph Tropical Storm. I confer upon the storm the title of Hurricane. Issac's 981 mb central pressure is at the low end of Cat 1 (almost Cat 2) and the Eye is becoming apparent. Therefore based on the 
Saffir-Simpson Scale (The detailed description) Issac easily fits into Cat 1.

Last year's devastating storm Hurricane Irene was a "Category 1" that contained a central pressure of 942 (Category 4!). People stayed in the impact area who would have fled. There was a miraculous preservation of life despite the flooding + amazing local wind damage for a "Category 1" storm.

So, when you examine the stats of the hurricane factor in the Central Pressure when determining likely impacts. Even though the highest measured wind speed may be low it does not mean that the ability to produce small scale wind events of much greater damage potential does not exist. The worse problem near the coast was the record storm surge at Oriental, NC, easily equal to a Cat 4 hurricane.  Another argument against Irene being only a Cat 1 was her wide area of damaging influence.  60-80 mph winds spread up the I-95 corridor, far from center.

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