Sunday, December 26, 2010

Historic Boxing Day Storm still in progress

After straining to tie the 1947 Christmas Snow record of 0.4" the much advertised and maligned storm system proceeded to dump 6-8" here in Central NC.  It appears on track to finish with similar totals in Central VA.

National Weather Service Radar shows the expanding shield of precipitation along the eastern seaboard.  The storm is deepening rapidly and will bring Blizzard Conditions to the Northeast by this evening.

Boxing Day Snowstorm off the NC Coast. 9:15 AM Dec 26, 2010
  Satellite images are impressive.  Note the well defined jet streams phasing off the east coast.  The storm has a great deal of similarity to the legendary Jan 24-26 "Carolina Crusher". Here is a water vapor image from Univ or Wisconsin SSEC.
Jet Streams merge into the Boxing Day Storm
The snow will give me a grand opportunity to make adjustments to long range forecasts for January (BRRR) and February (AHHH). I highly recommend reading Larry Cosgrove's WEATHERAmerica newsletter which includes a brillian analysis of climate patterns which managed to trump the mild forces of La Nina.

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