Sunday, April 17, 2011

A Sort of ... Green light to plant your summer garden

While I do have some concerns about snowcover in Canada and the Arctic providing a high availability of cold air late this month into May it is time to go ahead and plant your summer garden.  This is not a 100% confident "Green Light", maybe greenish-yellow.  Here are my reasons:
  1. The weather pattern here in NC and Central VA is stormy.  No intrusions of cold air capable of frost is expected during the next 2 weeks.
  2. Despite the availability of cold air there is no guarantee that the eastern US would be the target.  
  3. Seedlings can only be maintained in cups for so long. Some of my plants are consuming their water supply daily.  So, either accept a low risk of an unusual late April/early May front or the plants outgrow their containers.
As always.  I planted some tomatoes and peppers today.  Therefore my plants share the same risk as everyone else.

Coming this week:  Summer and Tropics 2011 preview.

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