Thursday, April 21, 2011

Storm Formation in the SW Atlantic

No April Fools!  There is a storm system taking shape in the Southwest Atlantic which could acquire some tropical characteristics during the next few days.  WeatherBell Analytics Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has been anticipating this feature for quite some time.  While the storm is interesting it is not expected to play a role in our weather.
National Hurricane Center gives the forming system only a 10% probability
of reaching Subtropical or Tropical storm strength during the next 2 days.
It is important to take notice of the fact that the storm system is forming before the official start of the Atlantic Hurricane Season.  Next week a strong Bermuda High and marginal water temperatures will provide some key ingredients to warm the storm center and give it an opportunity to get a name.

Models seem to agree that the system will weaken and turn SW over the next 3-5 days.  None of them seem to be impressed with the storm's prospects for early notoriety.

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