Saturday, April 16, 2011

URGENT: Tornado Watch as Severe Thunderstorms are now INBOUND

Ladies and gentlemen;

      I have never seen the National Weather Service add the phrase "This is a particularly dangerous situation" to a Tornado Watch.  The storms are now crossing the Triad and should reach Chapel Hill near 1:20-1:30 then cross the whole Triangle during the following 45 minutes.

     What has me really worried is the potential for tornadoes that are stronger and cut paths of destruction.  While twisters are not very common in our region they usually are the weak variety that bounce from location to location striking with 75-90 mph winds.  TODAY storms which do not contain tornadoes will often have winds near 70 mph!

     Please be sure to be in a safe shelter away from windows during the storm passage.  Do not bet your life on being caught driving on the road or out in the open.

    Here is a link to the Raleigh Radar:

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