Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take tropical notice of what happened today

The little tropical  swirl that has been evident since the weekend took some very significant action today.  While the center of the low level closed circulation plodded westward through the southern Bahamas heat, humidity and convection spread thunderstorms and heavy downpours inland through the Carolinas and parts of VA.

Did you notice the summertime temperature, steamy humidity, low billowing clouds, and downpours which some occurred with virtually no radar warning.  Could this be a foreshadowing of tropical storms this summer?   Had the center of the storm been stronger and therefore "stacked" higher then it would have most likely followed the same flow which was aimed right at us.

The small swirling low pressure has separated
from the tropical plume. 
Image Source: Univ of Wisc SSEC
There is a risk of severe thunderstorm activity tomorrow and more likely Thursday as an approaching cold front collides with the existing heat and humidity.  This is nothing like the once in a lifetime caliber outbreak over a week ago but caution should be exercised nonetheless. 

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