Friday, June 10, 2011

The Grubbs family welcomes 7 y.o. Darya Ruban from Belarus on Sunday!

Thank You!!! To those who contributed a total of $1800 out $2200 toward the cost of Darya's travel expenses.

Our family is looking forward to welcoming Darya Ruban, a 7 y.o girl from Cherikov, Belarus!  She arrives on Sunday night and will be staying for 6 weeks as part of the ABRO (American-Belarussian Relief Organization).  While here in NC Darya will be participating in family activities, experiencing North Carolina, and receiving medical care.  The time with us will be a valuable respite from lingering Chernobyl contamination and the consequence of recent serious economic problems in Belarus.

Belarus has experienced rampant inflation due to currency devaluation and some of the same commodity cost pressures which have been affecting everyone throughout the world.  In May there was a surprise 36% devaluation of the Ruble which led to overnight cost increases of that amount or higher. Overall food prices have doubled and some prices are up 300% during the past year.  It is very difficult for families to afford fresh fruit and vegetables.

President Alexander Lukashenko has brought some temporary stability through price controls and other measures while members of his government (who have their jobs on the line) work to solve the monetary problems.

We are very blessed and privileged to be hosting Darya.  Hopefully one day we will be able to visit her family in Belarus.

Dean Grubbs
The Dean Report

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